Event Horizon (Technological “Tipping Point”) Timeline

2016 Timeline
The Women of ENIAC – by Barkley Fritz  Calculating Machines become Computers
1950 Alan Turning developed the Turning Test for machine intelligence in 1950. Turning was also a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, and he speculated about intelligent machines with sensory capabilities.
1954 First Robot Patent Application – US Patent 2,988,237 was issued in 1961
1984 Woz – at Apple enthusiasts meeting – “One Notion Under Jobs Pledge”
Ray Kurzweil’s books about the technological singularity include, The Age of Spiritual Machines, and “The Singularity is Near”. In The Singularity is Near, he predicted the technological singularity would occur in 2045.
Apple uses automation to manufacture MacBook products (YouTube Video)
Martin Ford’s, “The Lights in The Tunnel”, published in 2009, defined an event horizon, or “tipping point” when the automation of jobs using machines would exceed the creation of jobs for humans, and the economic scales would be tipped in favor of robots and automation.
Foxconn - Taiwan based electronics manufacturer with over one million employees (primarily in China) plans to put one million robots in factories.
Michio Kaku looks at the future
"Foxconn Allegedly Replacing Human Workers With Robots" Foxconn - manufacturer of iPhones, iPads and computers for companies like Dell, is reportedly purchasing robots for $25K to replace workers on the assembly line.
US Manufacturers promote robotics and the study of robotics. GE Robots on the Move Ad - Boeing sponsors FIRST Robotics
Thomas Frey predicts 2 billion human jobs will disappear by 2030 “ Thomas Frey explains how and why 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030!
The Disruptive Technology of 3-D Printing is coming out of the lab (Economist article “Difference Engine: The PC all over again?
Autonomous Lethal Robots – Future Threat – International Relations and Security Network
Eric Schmidt: “How We Outrace The Robots” New York Times
“Robot Makers Spread Golden Gospel of Automation” John Markoff – The Indian Express
Germany – MEMS Project – Circuit Diagram-Based Design of MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems)
CBS 60 Minutes broadcast on the rise of the machines.
Automated Oil Drilling to become a reality as companies seek safety and economy.
K’Nex Toys looks to robotics and automation to help bring 100% of manufacturing back to the U.S.
Remote Control of car with iPad
March 2013
3D Printed Record – Mashable article
Google Creates the X Team – Business Insider
Data Scientist Scarcity: Automation Is the Answer” – Automating Analytics – Smart Data Collective
Seattle Times article – Automated Retail Clothing Store in Seattle.
Parrot Drone controlled by Nvidia Shield
Quad rotor drone acts like bird-of-prey
Kickstarter Galileo Project turns iPhone into Remote Controlled Camera
Tokyo – Fab Cafe opens – 3D printed sweets!
June 2013
Media articles and discussion about jobs – automation robots and transformational technologies more frequent: San Jose Mercury News – Made in the Bay Area: Harsh realities in new manufacturing | Mainline Media News – Will robots create jobs or end them? | And in July – Forbes – The Credit Crisis May Not Be China’s Biggest Problem
July 2013
Taiwan based FOXCONN, manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad now has 20,000 robots in it’s factories. – Report by Computer World | Computer World Story
NASA Prints Rocket Injector – Test Successful | NASA TESTS 3D Printed Rocket Injector
3D Printing Begins to take off – Mashable – eBay Debuts 3D Printing iPhone App
Another article on Robotics and Automation Impacting Job Growth – Daily Beast: Robotic Technologies Could Aggravate the U.S. Problem of Slow Jobs Growth
Could 3D printing mean nano level replication – imagine desktop nanotech foundaries – Science Daily:Desktop Printing at the Nano Level – Disruptive Technology
August 2013
Paper as a replacement for plastic substrate – Foldable Printed Graphene Electronics Nanotechnology research produces foldable graphene electronics on paper
3D Printing Begins to take off – Mashable – Google Looking To Build Self-Driving Nexus Car
Say it isn’t so – End of Moore’s Law Predicted Intel’s former chief architect: Moore’s law will be dead within a decade
September 2013
JOBS – ROBOTS – ROBOTS – JOBSs Are robots hurting job growth?
October 2013
Human Jobs Building and Maintaining Future Solar Energy Projects At Risk <a “http://www.kcet.org/news/rewire/solar/so-much-for-jobs-startup-builds-solar-robot-workers.html” target=”_blank”>KCET – So Much For Jobs? Startup Builds Solar Robot Workers
April 2014
US Elections This Year
Next U.S. Presidential Election
2018 – Google Automated Car Available to Public? (ExtremeTECH Google Self-Driving Car)
Future Technology – Microsoft in 2019
Automated, Driverless Consumer Vehicles Nissan plans to begin selling self-driving cars by 2020
Nearly Half of US Jobs In 2010 Are Gone (2013 Oxford Martin Programme on The Impacts of Future Technology Study) Nearly half of US jobs could be at risk of computerization, Oxford Martin School study shows (Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence)
Futurist Thomas Frey predicts 2 billion human jobs will disappear by 2030″ Thomas Frey explains how and why 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030!
DR. The World In 2030 – Michio Kaku – Presidential Lecture CUNY Queensborough
Kurzweil’s predicted year of the Technological Singularity