About the 2016 Chronicles

Technological Singularity 2045

Ray Kurzweil described a scenario in which technologies increase exponentially, resulting in an  an explosion of advanced technologies and superior machines with vast artificial intelligence capabilities. He predicted the result would be a technological singularity in 2045.

Event Horizon 2030

The Lights in the Tunnel – Ford’s estimate of jobs we could lose to robots, automation and computerization is remarkably close to the 47% figure recently published as a part of an Oxford University study. The event horizon looks a lot more real today than it did a few months ago.
2016 Chronicles

If the singularity Kurzweil described is something like 32 years down the road, and the event horizon or point of no return is a little over two decades away, then  the years leading up to the next US Presidential election will be important if we are to have any hope of successfully avoiding the tipping point and sliding into the economic abyss.

These pages will chronicle technological change, and events leading up to the 2016 elections, and provide some discussion and analysis of our journey from a layman’s point of view.