A Robot Walked Into A Bar…


Why – Why Are WE …  Here?

In the TV series, Battlestar Galactica, Cylon, Sharon, turns the existential human question of WHY around while talking with Admiral Adama about the assumption of human survival when she said, “… you said something that sounded like it wasn’t the speech you had prepared. You said, ‘Man never asked itself why it should survive.’ Maybe you don’t. ”

It’s late October, 2016. The pace of technological change is quickening. Every week there are more and more announcements, news stories, and posts about advances in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. AI is now taking it’s place as a core technology. Meanwhile, The Robots Are Coming stories appear almost daily.

There is a hotly contested political contest taking place in the U.S.A. for the office of President, and the candidates are not discussing existential questions of climate change or the catastrophic economic collapse that may come with technological unemployment down the road. In Britain recently, there was a study published about the loss of 11,000,000 jobs to robots in 20 years. Other published reports have appeared predicting how bad job loss to technology will be in various countries around the world.  (See the Event Horizon Timeline)

Where’s the obvious follow-up question?

Are we quite rapidly approaching the event horizon Martin Ford defined in “Rise of The Robots”?

Hmmm… Maybe we don’t.

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