Video Automobile Magic

Amazing Solar Powered Robotic Bird

R2G2 Robot -A Crawler with a “Rectilinear Gait”

Nissan Leaf With Advanced Driver Assist Gets a License

A Story About Robots (vimeo)

A Story About Robots from Paramotion Films on Vimeo

60 Minutes – CBS


Technological Unemployment

Rethink Robotics – Baxter

a robot that thinks…

How Baxter Works

China’s Human-Like Robot

Robotic Mule – SL3 Legged Squad Support System

Engine Assembly Robots – FANUC Robot Industrial Automation


KIA Sportage Factory

BMW X1 Production Line – Factory In China 

Master Hands 1936 Chevrolet Manufacturing

Motoman robots in factory automation at IKEA

Automated Sandwich Line – Precision Automation

Battlestar Galactica – Epic Series Trailer

“So say we all”

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