MWT-1 (Well DUH:)

MWT-1 is obvious: #ItsAmachineWorldAfterAll

When Machine World Happens,  #ItsAmachineWorldAfterAll will become redundant.

MWT-1-840Some would say this is true today.

We are dependent upon machines today, but we are moving toward a world where the division between human and machine begins to disappear.

MWT-1 has meaning now, because we can see this change happening all around us. We are transitioning now, and much of this change is obvious.

If we make it through this transition, the obvious distinction between our world and our technology will fade.

I stopped wearing a watch years ago when my handheld device effectively replace that old analog technology. Apple provided mirroring on iOS devices and cloud based media storage. Today, I enjoy the convergence of media on an increasing number of devices, and it’s possible to see how a future with ubiquitous computing will move us even closer to Machine World.


Arthur C. Clarke “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

Machine World will take technology to an entirely new level.

MWT-1  A world where technology is “indistinguishable”. 


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