MWT-2: If A Robot Doesn’t Have A Nose, Can She See What’s In Front Of It?

Machine World Thought – 2 is more about human limitations than the limitations of the machines. We are good at asking questions when we know the answer, or know that finding the answer fits how we view ourselves and our world.

Machine World, the shape of the world to come will be shaped more by the questions we do not ask, and the opportunities we lose as a consequence than by questions about what’s in front of our nose.
The political debate today is not about technological unemployment and what we are going to do when the economy collapses as a consequence our transition into Machine World. It’s about “income distribution”.

Politicians aren’t about to ask questions which fundamentally challenge our notions about life on this planet, and our institutions are not adept at dealing with existential questions, especially when time is not on our side.

Time is not on our side when it comes to climate change, and it’s even more of an issue when it comes to Machine World.

The good news is, that if we don’t find a way to transition to Machine World that addresses the Technological Unemployment issue, then we won’t have to worry about income inequality. The economic collapse will take care of that.

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