MWT-21: It’s Intelligence Stupid

I was reading another article on the topic of robots taking our jobs yesterday, when I had this MWT (Machine World Thought). So I made a mental note – MWT-21: It’s Intelligence Stupid.

We humans may give our machines names. We may regard them highly, but, in general we set ourselves apart and see our world in distinctly human terms. Our machines may be smart, but we prefer to believe they aren’t intelligent. When they “think” they do so using what we like to call “artificial intelligence”.

That’s how we view our world, and how we humans discriminate against our smart machines. We label machine intelligence as “artificial”. It’s one way we subtly indicate our human superiority, and imbue our thinking with bias. MWT-21 is important for our survival of the transition to Machine World.  We must understand and eliminate our biases. Therefore – MWT-21.

Are you not convinced? Look it up. Oxford Dictionaries: intelligence – “the ability to acquire knowledge and skills.”

Intelligent Robots are coming.

Remember MWT-21 and don’t forget MWT-1 #It’sAMachineWorldAfterAll.

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