Countdown to Machine World – Phase One 94,608,000

With 94 million six hundred and eight thousand seconds to go to Phase One of Machine World (give or take a few million seconds), we don’t have a lot of time to spare. The clock is ticking, and all we have in our tool-belt is the 85/15 Rule.

Phase One: Within three years (by 2017) the use of smart machines and the growth of smart devices and the Internet of things will be phenomenal. One result will be increasing Technological Unemployment in numerous sectors of the economy.

[Note: According to Dick Weisinger, Gartner has predicted a boom in “smart machines and virtual personal assistants” by 2017, leading to the proliferation of “virtual personal assistants” and “smart advisors” by 2020. These broad categories combined with the developing connectivity of smart machines and the Internet of Things portend serious potential for resulting Technological Unemployment.]

[94,607,942] [94,607,941] [94,607,940] …


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