O brave new world – that has such machines in it!

“O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
That has such…” machines in it!

‘2013 Shakespeareanism’

As we proceed on down the road to our future, and consult the road map we see it only goes so far. A week, a month, a few years out and the map lacks detail.

Are robots taking good paying jobs? Do ducks have lips! The real question is what is the impact? What happens when more factories are automated? What happens when technology and automation have progressed so far that the impact is significant? Can this change fundamentally impact our economy?

Martin Ford’s Book, The Lights In The Tunnel, provides some detail about these concerns about automation and robotics. He defines a”tipping point’, beyond which, it’s too late to turn back.

If Martin Ford is right, then there are things we can do to take control of our future, and it will take some lead time, and effort to even begin to plot a course.

Ford’s “tipping point” occurs when, due to increased automation and the advance of technology, industries would no longer need to hire additional workers to meet demand, and they would instead invest capital in more automation and mechanization. The resultant economic collapse would ultimately be catastrophic.

Passage over the event horizon and into the abyss is not an option.

How do we grasp this ‘existential’ problem, and begin to find a way build an off-ramp to the continued prosperity expressway?

Technological change, the very thing that’s been at the core of so much of our recent success is powering this rush toward the event horizon in 2030. We are dependent upon the ‘fracking’ machines 🙂

Where are we on the timeline? What is our approach velocity? Can we turn this ship around?


Lots of questions in search of answers.

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