FOXCONN – Rise of the Machines

An article in Industry Leaders magazine (“Droids to replace human workers?“) poses the ultimate question about the rise of the machines, and whether of not humans should fear robots taking our jobs. Andrew McAfee (Race Against The machine)  is quoted:

“We thought human beings held the high ground in a lot of these areas. We looked around and suddenly saw computers doing things they weren’t supposed to be good at it … We’re going to see computers, robots doing a lot of jobs that humans are holding today,“

Then the Industry Leaders article discusses Foxconn’s plan to put a million robots in their factories, and the “darkside” of automation is touched upon.

This is an interesting article. However, it seems to me, that the introduction of one million robots into the factories of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer is more than a “test case” for the impact of automation. It’s a very big deal.


Inside Foxconn: “An Exclusive Look At How The iPad is Made”
video by APM Marketplace



Additional reading: Forbes “Is Your Job Robot-Proof?


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